getting help...

Women come to me seeking encouragement, breakthrough and wisdom. God has met me in extraordinary ways and I enjoy bringing others into a fresh understanding of His love. My mentoring and leadership direct women toward personal encounter with Jesus. Though I draw from my own experiences and breakthrough, I find that all women differ. No one's story is the same, so we walk together in response to Jesus to uncover our identities, truth for our lives and revelation of His love.


understanding our sexuality & gender

I meet in person or via Zoom (video conference) with women seeking wisdom in addressing sexual attraction to other women, seeking clarity on their femininity, and searching for more fulfilling and intimate relationships with other women.

My mentoring paradigm

Whether you meet with me once or choose to connect with me over months (or years), you will find that I mentor women. I invest in the lives of women seeking wholeness and am passionate to see them empowered and free. I don't have all the answers (and I'm not a medical specialist); however, I have wisdom for women who face sexual and relational brokenness. And, I frequently walk with women after deep needs have been professionally addressed to provide ongoing support and encouragement. When there is life dominating pain from trauma or abuse I refer women to counseling specialists or inner healing practitioners, unless the issue is obviously finding resolution within the context of our discussions.

• Meet me once to receive encouragement and prayer, and connection to Jesus for self-discovery
• Join me for a season to receive mentoring and coaching unto breakthrough
• Connect with one of my online mentoring groups for women

For mothers

So many mothers come to me for deeper understanding, encouragement and strategies for reconciliation when their sons or daughters have come "out." The pain of rejection and guilt after a child comes out is often overwhelming. Many parents are completely rejected by their children and face the loss (even disruption of all communication) alone. Often fear and shame bar parents from reaching out for support in an effort to protect their LGBTQ children or extended family. I help parents understand the experience of same sex attraction, the emotional pain of their children, and offer insight into establishing reconciliation. I can't always address children directly, but I can encourage and support parents as they love unconditionally.