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When you walk in the fullness of your identity, you will perfectly manifest the image of God.



God is moving on behalf of gay people everywhere

bringing a kingdom-minded perspective on sexuality

God is leading our generation to embrace the Romans 8 promise of identity in Christ, walking in the beauty of our calling to reflect God’s image in the earth. The outcry of our generation is to be known and valued for who we are, and that very cry is being met in destructive ways by popular culture. But God is raising a standard, releasing testimonies of breakthrough and freedom that display His glory and power to a generation questioning Truth. Jesus is alive and on the move, and He is being glorified through transformation and wholeness in lives across the world.

Jesus is compassionate as we grapple with our gender, sexuality and sexual brokenness. He longs to be invited in. 

Through vulnerable conversations and thought-provoking messages, I address the LGBTQ experience and extend an invitation to touch God, who fills our yearning for identity, community and intimate connection. God is opening doors of freedom and fulfillment to people everywhere as they embrace their Father's vision for abundant life.

Won’t you join me in the journey?

For the anxious longing of the creation waits eagerly for the revealing of the sons and daughters of God.



my ministry



I believe firmly that God is releasing answers and understanding for a kingdom-minded approach to homosexuality that focusses upon the first commandment—to love. No doubt our generation will be held accountable for stewardship of that call. I am committed to reaching into God’s grace for restoration both of human identity and a united Church, which is why I meet frequently with church leaders. The issue of homosexuality is reshaping Western Christianity. By cultivating discussions among pastors and leaders, we experience clarity and understanding together for the sake of Christ.

preaching & teaching

I’m deeply honored to share my story and perspective personally among groups around the world. Whether through interactive conversations on homosexuality, or in preaching and teaching I love seeing God break into the confusion around sexual identity. The Lord brings comfort and healing to us all as we draw near to Him. His transforming impact on my life offers hope and faith to everyone seeking greater measures of fulfillment in Christ.

Elizabeth’s testimony and ministry brings hope for supernatural transformation from life dominating issues. With great grace and power she demonstrates how connection to the love of God reveals true identity, setting us free to be who we really are.
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My History

I “came out” in my early 20s and attended a Presbyterian Church (USA) seminary openly lesbian. As a student in seminary between 2000 and 2003 I lobbied for marriage and ordination of LGTBQ individuals and ministered among gay youth, espousing a theology that embraced homosexuality. Upon graduating I served as a youth pastor in a small rural community, where an encounter with Jesus radically shifted my perspective. The love of God drew me into a revelation that led to repentance and healing. I married my husband, Doug, in 2005.

Today I serve at Bethel Church in Redding, California, where I co-founded Equipped to Love, a ministry seeking to serve and equip those impacted by homosexuality, and CHANGED, a network of men and women who have walked away from LGBT identity. I teach emerging leaders at the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. I hold a Masters in Theology and am  a licensed pastor at Bethel Church.