my initiative

I believe we must create a Church that facilitates safe space for God to move individually upon people who experience homosexuality in all its expressions. He has the last word in all our lives over this issue. I will be called upon before God to account for my own expressions of love toward His children—Have I valued you, truly sought to see and know you, honored your need for intimacy and community, served you? This is love as He commands.

We must soberly recognize the wisdom of God in ordaining love as the paramount witness to God’s order in our lives, not self-defined morality.

As I make stands on the issue of homosexuality I cannot escape the witness He has given me to His goodness and mercy, seen every day I look in the mirror. Yet, I am certain His restoration in my life was not focussed specifically upon homosexuality or mental illness* so much as His desire for me to know His kindness, compassion and mercy. My greatest need when He confronted me was in the deep inner turmoil of my life. For you it may have been physical healing or family reconciliation. Ultimately it all rests with His goodness, not our social justice.

Our distraction from His value by disagreements on human rights detracts from the ultimate call on our lives—to worship God alone.

The divisions between the Church and LGBTQ+ community surely grieve God. I am contending for reconciliation and unity.


*I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder (type I) when I was 24, yet, today I no longer show any symptoms. I was hospitalized multiple times and spent years on psychotropic drugs to control the symptoms. I have not had a manic or major depressive episode since going off all medications in 2007.