Press statement: ACR-99

This is a transcript of my statements at the pre-Senate Judiciary Hearing press conference:

My name is ELizabeth Woning. I am cofounder with Ken WIlliams of the CHANGED Movement. CHANGED is a network of Christian men and women who have not embraced LGBT identity in their lives. Many of us have left the LGBT subculture to follow our faith.

I value the conversations that ACR99 and AB2943 have sparked. I believe we are united in our determination to see the worth and dignity inherent in every resident of our state. Yet there are some who deny the dignity for those like me who have chosen to follow a different path. But this reflects the times we live in. We are all struggling in America to understand how to honor and live together when we have such a broad range of perspectives on what is right.

And that is why it is more important than ever for each of us—and especially our elected representatives—to demonstrate true tolerance to those with different beliefs by allowing each person to freely live out their faith and values, including in the pursuit of counseling.

Across the state of California there are thousands of us who experience same-sex attraction.

You know, when you first realize you are different you don’t quite know what to do and it’s frightening. Legislators in California want to control that moment. They are seeking to dictate the narrative based upon the recommendations of the LGBT caucus. But, though we have shared experiences they don’t represent everyone in CA. Requiring one single path for people who experience same-sex attraction forces others down a path they don’t believe is right for them. California wants to block people from appropriately exploring their sexuality on their own terms, following their own convictions. It wants to ban the rights of parents to offer input.

Most of all through this resolution legislators are establishing a mentality in California where people are unsafe to follow their religious faith when they experience same-sex attraction. They are maligning the values of many people of faith and spreading falsehoods. Why, legislators even seek to control what happens at the place of prayer before God. The place where all of us at CHANGED have found the overwhelming love of Jesus.

I call on the LGBT caucus to recognize the rights of Christians, Jews, Muslims, religious and non-religious people alike who have shared backgrounds with them but have chosen a different route, to ask them to protect our rights to seek appropriate means of help that support our way of life.

Don’t discriminate against us as you seek to protect others.

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Elizabeth Woning