Slavery, Sexism... Homosexuality

Humanity cannot help but interpret God through personal experience and desire. Satan drew upon this naivety in the garden. When studying scripture it is so important that we observe it from multiple angles and perhaps many voices, so we accurately understand what the Spirit is saying.

In America, proponents of slavery chose to overlook the countless indications of scripture against it. From the Exodus to the anointing of Jesus to set captives free, God proclaims liberty. Yet, misplaced desire led some to use scripture to enslave others.

The very same reinterpretation of scripture is happening regarding human sexuality. We are reading our desire for sexual freedom into scripture and overlooking the countless declarations that preserve the holiness and sanctity of sexual expression between men and women. So, while some used Scripture to promote slavery, now some use scripture to promote homosexuality.

Interestingly, some argue that because Christians used scripture to promote slavery one should not trust their interpretations of scripture regarding sexuality. The Church’s fumbles over slavery and women have opened doors for a gay affirming theology to emerge. There seems to be a pattern, if not the outright exposure of an ungodly spirit. The spirit of the age must never be the prevailing voice in viewing scripture.

And yet... God provides justice for the damage done. Today we have a growing understanding of the role of women in leadership and their rightful partnership with men. We have a growing understanding of our bigotry that has fueled racism. And there certainly will be a growing understanding of the sanctity and mystery of sexuality and gender.

Let it come.

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