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The Redemptive Silver Lining of the Sexual Revolution

Our self-made effort to bring resolution to the shame, the Sexual Revolution, has hardly been the salve we had hoped. Its fruit is the whole-scale breakdown of family and sexual accountability that we see today in our Tinder and porn driven culture. Yet the silver lining of the Sexual Revolution may very well be our willingness to see and say all things sexual utterly shamelessly. In the end, our ability to be transparent and vulnerable about our sexuality and its formation could very well be an answer to prayer.

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The Lesbian in the Mirror

Each episode of attraction was a perfectly timed red flag of insecurity, lack or weakness that Jesus was prepared to confront and resolve. He became my safety net, salve, and mentor. The triggers became opportunities for healing that ultimately has led to profound wholeness.

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For Love

Are we willing to contend for the fullness of the power of God, or will we submit our lives to a philosophy that denies His power for healing and wholeness simply because it is out of our hands?

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