Revivalists Arise, #oncegay

In December 2017 I was awakened early one morning while I was ministering in England. I heard a whisper that filled me with excitement.

“God is on the move among gay people and He is doing unexpected things. Yours is the first wave of revival for the gay community. He is announcing His truth. He is restoring human identity.”

Immediately, I realized for the first time the gravity of our mission here at Equipped to Love. One of the profound and foundational values we hold is that freedom, complete freedom from same sex attraction and gender confusion, is available to LGBTQ people who desire it. In fact, that’s a risky core value, because many ministries before us have wavered on that point. Testimonies from the generation before us reveal so many failed stories of this pursuit. That reality has galvanized our culture into believing that change is impossible.

But that is not our experience. In our lives and those around us we are seeing God set people completely free. And a fresh understanding of the same sex experience has emerged as well. There is an acknowledgement that the attraction is not an identity. In fact, it is merely a temptation that we need not be defined by. We are understanding ourselves better and God is releasing strategies that deepen our self-awareness and self-knowledge. We are laying down our LGBTQ labels and taking up our Christian identities.

Through our post-gay lives I am recognizing a wonderful witness of humility and love. As I speak with once gay friends from across the United States the overarching attitude we all share is a profound commitment to intimacy with Jesus. Our freedom has been gained through deep surrender, one which demands even our self-concept. Every label we once used to identify ourselves has been laid down in favor of simple devotion to Jesus and His love. We have traded Pride for humility.

Perhaps there is a silver lining to the chaos and conflict in our culture over sexuality and gender. To meet the needs of their communities, Christians everywhere are being reminded what it means to love sacrificially, wholeheartedly, faithfully, and against all odds. As LGBTQ folks walk into Christian churches parishioners are being led to love and disciple in a way that requires connection to Jesus. We are being restored to a place that acknowledges only Jesus’ love is enough. Only Jesus’ power and intimacy satisfies. We cling to His love when we cannot understand what scripture says. We acknowledge that discipline and mere philosophy are not enough to bring fulfillment. We are linking wholeness and truth to intimacy with Jesus.

It is exciting to see that we are reconnecting to the love of Jesus so that He will be revealed. Churches are uniting over the power of the gospel to bring transformation and wholeness, even when they cannot agree on other matters of doctrine. A witness to the humility and gentleness of Christ is arising.

Truly, the transformed lives of once gay people are a sign and a wonder to our generation. In an age when it seems impossible for sexuality or gender to align to scripture, it is happening. Past generations sought physical healing as a sign of God’s presence, but what if today restoration of sexuality and gender were the miracle? God is doing it. He is on the move on behalf of gay people everywhere. A new Rainbow People movement is on the rise with an unexpected message of transformation.

©️ 2018 Elizabeth Woning. All rights reserved.